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Thread: EB mod not working properly

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    Default EB mod not working properly

    I wasted 5 hours troubleshooting my EB installation because it wouldn't work properly. When I clicked on the "EB Play" shortcut it just took me to the unmodded Rome v1.5. I tried installing it too many different ways to mention, all not working, or causing CTDs . And you're probably wondering what vital info I was missing; right click the "EB Play" shortcut, go to properties, and in the Target line type in -mod:eb at the end in place of -show_error. Simple as that, and it worked. There's no readme telling you to do this that I've found and it isn't on the main site. I had to browse through the forums to find that out.
    I'll have to criticize this mod on behalf of a frustrating install that could have easily been avoided. However, Europa Barbarorum is the best Rome mod I've played. While some mods make Rome more realistic, or historic, or simply different in certain aspects they often take away things like unit charge warcries which dull the excitement, or remove or change some other aspect that was better in vanilla Rome. Europa Barbarorum seemingly only adds to everything in Rome. It multiplies or enhances the qualities that make Rome such a great game; the intensity, excitement, suspense, content; everything. Great mod.
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    Default Re: EB mod not working properly

    Hello Eragi and welcome to the forum!

    Concerning your troubles:
    EB is a mod, and by this a modification of a game, so to implement all the changes without advice you would need high computer-skills. All the possible errors by all the different people cannot and never will be covered by our website, the website is to show what the mod does. The forums are linked there, even on the download-page is a link directly to the tech-forum. In this forum (where you opened your thread btw) is a stickied post by Foot where useful informations are linked. You can therefore have access to all questions concerning the EB-installation by clicking three times, not much if you ask me.

    If you have further questions regarding EB, this forums is your place! Be sure to read the EB-FAQ.


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    Default Re: EB mod not working properly

    oh thx, eragi

    wasted three hours to find out why EB wont start, ty m8

    and idd, they should make a proper readme for this

    btw, great mod

    again , a big hug for eragi

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