Since i don't want to re-write everything i will just cope/paste posts i made in another forum.

Hi everyone,

my name is Guillaume and I am a Game Staff at XPL ( www.xpleague.com ). For those who are not too familiar about XPL, we are a competitive gaming league that host many tournaments for many games. We are a free league and we don't work for money. Our main motivation is the love of the PC gaming community.

I have been a fan of the total war series since Rome TW and I recently picked up NTW and i have to admit, i love it! After playing for a few hours, i found that this game would be very great for competition. So i did some research and went to many of the forums dedicated to the TW series and found out that people are making their own little homemade tournaments. Surprisingly, none of the major leagues out there are hosting any of the TW series games and i would like to change that.

So today i am here to ask you guys if you would be interested in participating in a big friendly tournament for NTW. Imagine the epic battles we could have! I am leaning towards a 1v1 double elimination tournament with 1 match per week since in my opinion this would please the most people. But all the rules and the set up can be decided by the community after I get it approved by my bosses. This idea is coming from me only and for myself to be able to bring the idea to my superiors, i need a maximum interest and participation. At least 64+ people, but the more i get the more we have a chance for it to happen and the more fun we will have. So tell your friends, tell your neighboors, spread the word! I can't do it alone.

I would like to specify that this tournament would be free and if we get a good number of participations there is a good possibility of prices ( money or hardware ) for the winners.

In conclusion, if you guys are interested, please leave a comment saying so, but the best way to make it happen would be to go to www.xpleague.com , register to the forums and express your interest for this tournament to happen.

If you have any suggestions, comments or would just like to chat don't hesitate to hit me up on :

Xfire : noxyn
Steam: ilovedrug
IRC on gamesurge server @ #XPL-league
PM me ( XPL-GuillaumeN ) on www.xpleague.com

Guillaume Noel
XPL Game Staff


rahulpower wrote:
well im ready to talk details,

steam id: rahulpower

added you!

Goldwyn wrote:
That would be awesome I'd definitely join, and i have a couple friends who would probably join as well.

Tell your friend to post in here! More people i get, the more there is a chance this will work.

Yabgu wrote:
Finally a quality tournament plan. Btw Guillaume, i cant find you on steam.

weird! what is your Steam? i will add you.

Update :

1. I want to wait after this weekend to go through with the demand : alot of people only connect to the forums during the weekends and i want to make sure to have the maximum people saying they are interested.

2. I will make a new thread talking about this little tournament on the XPL forums and i will post the link here. Then you guys can just go over there and post a reply saying how great of an idea it is. ( will do that tonight or tomorrow )

3. For the ruleset i am thinking 1v1 large maps, high money, max 2 unicorn or rocket or howitzer and no limit for other arty. No limit for land unit - i know alot of people will not be happy about this, but i do not want to limit the armies so much that everyone ends up with the same army. I want people to use their imagination and try new strategies. Remember everything is weak against something!


HEY everyone!

So i finally made that post on XPL forums like i promised. Now it is all on your guys hands! Don't be lazy go over the the link posted under, register and tell the owners of XPL that they will not make a mistake by giving it a go! I need people to show their interest! Tell your friends to go post too!

I will talk and make the official demand to the Directors of XPL next week, So please get the maximum of people to go sign up and post this weekend!

I did everything i could, now i need you guys to do your part!

Here is the LINK to the XPL forum thread: