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Thread: A GREAT easy-to-do change to single player!

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    The simple version:

    Allow a player to split 1 unit into 2 units, and you designate the size of the spinoff. So you take a 60 YS and split 20, now you have 40 YS 20 YS. Simple yes? well creative use of this would allow you to clean up your armies and keep almost everyone at full strength (you could effectively resize armies to match up and make 60 man units).

    The complex version:

    You click a unit and open up a popup screen that gives you the names, kills, honor, and win/loss record (if any) of every man in the unit. Next to that are 2 boxes, box #1 is marked "dismiss" box #2 is marked "split" (or 'reassign'). You check the boxes. At the bottom of the popup screen you can have an 'issue orders' button that, when clicked, will remove every man with a dismiss box (theyre gone forever) and take every man with the 'reassign' box checked and create a new unit in the province composed of those men. Only 1 of the 2 boxes can be checked, of course.

    Honestly I would like feedback on this, it is a relatively easy user interface change that would add a whole new dimension to campaign play. You could weed out worthless soldiers, groom elite units, manage armies like never before, and reveal the depth of the combat system: you can actually see the things the game keeps track of anyway. I think it would add to the players experience significantly, let alone lead all those perfectionistic micromanagers out there to soil their pants.

    Concerned about balance or dont want to deal with it? Easy. Just put a box in the game settings panel to turn the feature on or off (just like the realism settings).

    Oh and to implement it, have a button appear on the user interface when you have one of your units selected.

    I want to hear your opinions on this proposed feature, let me know what you think!

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    Interesting concept... never thought about it... but now that you mention it, it does sound kinda good...!

    Compound that with the new feature the expansion will introduce (disbanding units) and you get a whole new meaning to the terms 'grooming' and 'pruning' your army!

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    that option would have been nice the other night when I was playing SP. I had 60 Naginata up against 120 YA and 60 SA. It would have been nice to split them in two and then flank them. Even though I couldn't I still demolished them.
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    Too bad they can't let you combine two weakened units even if it goes over 60 and then "disband/send home" the extra men if there are any, so you can still get perfect 60 units.

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    I dont like disbanding, because you kill the WHOLE unit. Granted it is good if you have a glut of troops and need to ditch those 3000 ashigaru you had in there for fluff, but with my idea you can send the losers home (the low honor men) and keep your battle-veterans.

    Right now you have to take the good with the bad. Why?

    Besides the 'disband unit' feature, while better han nothing, is not really a feature, it just corrects one of the more glaring flaws in the game's lack of army management.

    This is how I disband ashigaru/obsolete troops:

    #1 use the port invasion trick to hit a province with nothing of yours adjacent.

    #2 Take that province with sheer numbers, but THEN split in two and send the bulk of your force to attack a province where it would likely get beaten anyway.

    #3 Next turn the enemy attacks to lift the siege, you purposefully let your men die, then your second (attacking) force calls off its attack, but neither force has anywhere to retreat to, so they all die.

    I used this strat to get rid of the over 4,000 ashigaru I built in one game. With good generals, 4,000 ashigaru can be very tough, and noone will fight you anyway since theyll all abandon provinces you want in the face of your obscene numbers. Later on though you want to replace all those crappy peasants with WM HC ND and Nag, but the weenie hoarde won't just go home, so send them to their maker instead! muhaha


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