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    I am looking for a good guild that has players active around the Australian Time-zone. I've been playing campaign and kinda enjoying it,but the same thing gets boring after a while and I'd like to try a online battle. I am also looking for a clan that offers instruction in how to improve my skills(or lack of them) as I've been playing versus the AI,and I'm sure that human opponents are more challenging and sneaky. I habe been looking for players on-line but no-one ever seems ot be on when I am. Stean name is the same as my Id here,no lame jokes about my ID please.
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    if your having issues at seening to many games then check your download region, if its not on there then i suggest changing it to central europe or another location but then again seeing as how your gmt+8 that might not be the perfection location and i would suggest an american location

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    It's not that I can't find games it that I get the message ":failed to join game:no reponse from host" around half the time. I understand it has something to do with the ports that Steam and Napoleon Total war uses,but my attempts to fix this problem have been unsuccessful so far,so it's kinda a hit and mix thing whether I can actually join games,or whether it kicks me out..

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