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Thread: Corrupt installation, Patch_1.pak missing

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    Default Corrupt installation, Patch_1.pak missing

    I have rome total war gold, i use windows xp and everything is up to date. Before I never had a problem installing EB but now everytime i do it goes straight to normal rome total war instead of EB. I did validation check and it came up with

    Missing file: .\data\packs\patch_1.pak
    Changed file: .\data\credits.txt (expected checksum 632aad51f3a61c5da34140e4fa28800b, got b0a7954002857cc32e253a5e08b5c194)
    Changed file: .\data\descr_items.db (expected checksum 05785f752f89ae7f82ffd4631ddafd2c, got 244bf4dbabea7646706611eaeabe6d56)
    Changed file: .\data\export_descr_advice.txt (expected checksum f29c56a6d711e3ebb70b855365500de8, got 97794093b86abe2d5ebab1920b9c3363)
    Changed file: .\data\fmv\atvi_spinning_logo_640x480.wmv (expected checksum 7e15895ba7a723535f55e4deb91c085b, got e9ac1729af2fdeffe8365a567cd76b23)
    Changed file: .\data\menu\splash.tga (expected checksum a57cc84af0e6c1300577336f17e0bfd6, got d1329cf835f69e6dff4b4cc0cb08d144)
    Changed file: .\ebchecklist.txt (expected checksum 7913b820b101fe190d4355157cc0c529, got 892a04b71e00cc24f0284a9ae400e879)
    Added file: .\ebvalidationresults.txt
    Added file: .\gamespy arcade.url
    Added file: .\icon.ico

    I am unsure what to do, ive even reinstalled windows to see if that would work. Ive patched it to 1.2 and still the same thing appears that im missing patch_1.pak

    Any idea what could be wrong?

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    Default Re: Corrupt installation, Patch_1.pak missing

    Was there an error at the installation progress?
    If not, try this:
    Modify the shortcut target. Move the end quote from the end of the line to directly after RomeTW.exe and it should work (goes for both the new shortcuts in 1.2). For instance, instead of "C:\My games\RomeEB\RomeTW.exe -mod:eb -show_err -ne" it should be "C:\My games\RomeEB\RomeTW.exe" -mod:eb -show_err -ne.

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    Default Re: Corrupt installation, Patch_1.pak missing

    It worked thanks

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