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Thread: All my rulers become imposters

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    Default All my rulers become imposters

    All of a sudden every single one of my rulers became imposters. I'm playing Epeiros and its around 250 BC and all my governments were Type 1 and 2. Is there a way to fix this? I have a save game from a few turns before it happens but I'm afraid it will just happen again. Seems like most or the stuff I'ver found regarding imposter bugs is regarding type 4 governments. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: All my rulers become imposters

    Seems to me as if you choose a wrong location for the 1.2 patch and applied the 1.2 fixes over your 1.1 version. This bugs the game totally.
    Do you remember where you put the 1.2 installer? Do you have an EB folder inside RTW\EB ?
    Backup your save-game and reload it to see if it is repeatable.


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    Default Re: All my rulers become imposters

    If you indeed have an EB folder in your EB folder, delete it. Then install EB 1.2 correctly (to .../Rome - Total War), and then install the 1.2 fixes. You'll need to start a new campaign though.

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    Default Re: All my rulers become imposters

    Yup thats what I did. Amateur mistake ... I've been playing this for a couple years now. Got a new computer and I guess I was rushing the install cause I wanted to see how fast it would play. Thanks for the help :)


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