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Thread: Game Recs for those who enjoy STW

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    All right, a lame posting here but just killing time while waiting for code to compile.

    I've been playing STW for several months now and eagerly await the Mongol invasion pack. The game has finally convinced my wife that all games are not evil, and taught my 4.5 year old son to pronounce "samurai" right.

    I'm looking for other games like this - ones with a solid grounding in history which are fun to play. Know of any?

    So far I've seen mixed reviews here for Cossacks and Fate of the Dragon. No fantasy, please.

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    hehe this is easy, there's no game like shogun yet... (and if you hang out for a while you will also learn that it's not safe to mention cossacks or aoe and clones around me )

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    Look at Praetorians, Pyro are releasing it sometime in the future, though i'm less excited every time i see it.

    THis however belongs in OT

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