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Thread: thin castle walls

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    being a little picky here:

    The castle walls of STW is probably infinitely thin.. When the units were stuck out side the wall and lost their direction wondering around the wall (which is quite annoying), we then can actually see the first layer of these soldiers "penetrate" the wall and showed up inside the castle.

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    I noticed this feature myself the other day. Really neat - I don't know why I've wasted so many guys by storming the gate if they can walk through walls! Perhaps it was that new Battlefield Ninja unit I keep hearing about :-)

    Sieges are obviously cheaper but if you have a chance to take the enemy's castle intact then you've got a new training source close to the front line AND the enemy has less troop production capacity to hit back with.

    Just today I stormed Takeda's castle in Kai as Hojo. I had less men outside than were in but he had ashis so I did have a chance. I succeeded with my Daimyo as the last man standing. All my guys had routed and the Daimyo routed TWICE and came back for more. I've never seen the Daimyo rally once in a battle so this was quite a turn of events.


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