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Thread: Afghanistan Journal -- Thoughts & Commentary by Major Robert Dump

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    Default Re: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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    Default Re: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    Thanks for the "Day In The Life Of..." report, el-Tee.

    Keep being well.
    Keep doing good.
    Keep on Keeping in Touch.

    You're doing us proud.
    Be well. Do good. Keep in touch.

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    Default Re: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    Thanks for the report MRD.

    I went to my local Memorial Day ceremony this morning. First ceremony I've ever been too. It was tough. It seemed everytime I looked at the vets standing there to honour their buddies, I'd get choked up.

    Pictures available in other thread.
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    Default Re: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    Fascinating report MRD, thank you.
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    Default Re: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    Quote Originally Posted by Banquo's Ghost View Post
    Fascinating report MRD, thank you.
    What he said Lt. MRD. Isn't the ability to communicate from the most remote places, in real time no less, the most amazing thing? Back in the day I remember standing in line for hours to use some dodgy landline phone that usually didn't work half the time, and that would be on base. Aboard ship or in the field forget about it, send a letter or postcard and give it a couple weeks or months.
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    Default Re: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    May I say how very proud we are of your efforts, and the efforts of your unit MRD;"weary not in well doing" as the bible says. I was particularly touched by your relating to us just how it is for the dear little girls of such a backward country, long has it been this way. If I can be of some service to You or your folks, in any way, I should be very happy to oblige. I would also like to thank PJ for such a heartfelt expression of support for the military; he is a true patriot indeed. Let us never forget that the real heroes are the ones who never make it back.

    PS: I am wiping the tears from my eyes as I write.
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    Default Re: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    Thanks a lot, MRD. If time allows, a few more entries would be appreciated here -- 'tis a story what needs tellin.'
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    Default Re: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    Thanks for splitting this Seamus. Hopefully he'll have time to give us some more updates. Looking forward to them MRD!

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    Default Re: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    Not all Orgahs choose or want to participate in the Backroom, so I took the liberty of mirroring this thread here.


    Considering I no longer read a daily newspaper, it was something of a minor miracle that I stumbled across this apt bit of drawing:

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