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    Default Goodbye all

    Hey guys,

    I'm not good at these farewell speeches. After 6 years of Total War Mutliplayer, spanning from March 2004 when I first started on VI (6 days before my 12th birthday, I was 11 at that time) to now, when I am 18 and about to graduate from high school, I must retire from TW MP, or at least for the time being. With my wrist problems, I can't play much anymore, and with my desktop killing over a month ago, I can't play TW anymore, so I must quit the game sadly, along with any other MP games I played or used to be able to anyhow.

    I am staying here until Chapter 14 is released of the Concert of Europe Interactive History then I am also leaving the forum. I may return for STW 2 MP. I will miss everyone I played with in the past 6 years. I know I left many enemies, and I could care less about them, but I will miss my online friends and perhaps we can stay in touch.

    Being CWC German Ambassador and bringing back CWB as a running tournament were the two most important things I been doing in the past year and am proud of it.

    Goodbye all,

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    Default Re: Goodbye all

    Noticed this from main page.

    Leaving us so soon, Mr. Warman?

    But you only just joined us (back here)

    Surely you can hang around the forums for a bit longer.
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