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Thread: The Other Game - Takeda III

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    Because Shogun 2 and Takeda III are beginning to look so much alike (which is inevitable), I thought you should all at least know about Takeda III’s existence, if you didn’t so far.

    Do I think it is a better game than Shogun 2? No, but not for lack of content or the dedication of one Ming-Sheng Lee, who has been working on this game’s development for many years.

    Have a look around, it’s like an introduction to era, with lots to learn.

    Salute Ming Lee!
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    Default Re: The Other Game - Takeda III

    I came across this game the other day. I thought it looked interesting. However playing TW games for so many years, I don't think I would like the lack of control over armies during the real time battles.
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    Default Re: The Other Game - Takeda III

    I tried the demo and it was very interesting, unfortunately though there's some deal with new ATI cards and this game's engine that makes the game screen only 1/4 of the size it should be, which means the text is tiny and the game almost unplayable, and certainly not playable for any, even slightly, extended period. :-(
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    Default The Other Game - Takeda III

    Initially, some of the game mechanics seem cool. You can't recruit cavalry (Takeda's forte) at the same rate as ashigaru. Makes perfect sense when you consider training times.

    Leaders have strengths/weakness's for different types of troops. Another of those "real-life" simulations that make sense. Some generals were much better with infantry than more mobile, fast-moving, troops like cavalry or tanks in modern warfare.

    The castles look cool, and appear to be a S.O.B. to assault with all those multiple levels.......

    Also, having female leaders (or are they just for marrying purposes?) and hotties at that, ought to make the men players take notice
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    Default Re: The Other Game - Takeda III

    I played the first one. **** hard. I've done the Battle of Nagashino on EASY, I only won it once out of like 25 tries. Those muskets ripped you apart no matter what you tried.

    Takeda is still one of my favourite games. Never finished it. I couldn't.
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