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Thread: Moving Qarthadast Characters

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    Default Moving Qarthadast Characters


    I'm currently playing a Arverni campaign and a character named Bisaltes from the Qarthadast faction can't get past Emporion (which I hold) to attack Rome, how do I determine his internal name to get to move him?

    Or, I've also heard that you can change faction control in-game, then does anyone know the internal values for factions and where I might find them?

    Thanks in advance!

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    ofcarthago is the surname for every Qarthastim. Bisaltes ofcarthago should work.
    IIRC to change factions you must use the script. I read this in the civilwar guide I think...

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    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Default Re: Moving Qarthadast Characters

    i do not really know if moving the character will even do anything half the time , in my last campaign i had moved a few AI stacks around (that were doing nothing at all ) .. all they did was end up making their way back to the same place .......

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    Default Re: Moving Qarthadast Characters

    It depends on what their orders were, most often not much happens. I have moved a Carthaginian FM to my Italy in 221 BC as the 2nd Punic warmed up and now attacked him twice in Italy. Apart from defending he just wanders aimlessly around, so I think I will drop history and just expand slowly (the AI already has despite my best efforts at helping AS by console-creating money and units it cannot stop The Yellow Death).
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