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Thread: Redundant Recruitment question from a moron.

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    Default Redundant Recruitment question from a moron.

    Oh Hai,

    I do apologise, I've only had a brief topic search as time is limited - and I am sure this question has been both asked and answered before:

    If I build say, a type 1 MIC and destroy the current MIC building and the native barracks etc, I still cannot build say, Romanii units, I can only build levy units - and of them, only few.

    This happens, as an example, in Bolognia - what gives? Do I have to trigger a reformation or something?

    All my Type II Goverments will only let me build and recruit native units. I do not even have the option of building a Romanii Barracks let alone recruiting low level Romanni units.

    What am I doing wrong? If anything.

    (p.S Apologise for fractured post, am watching the football)

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    Default Re: Redundant Recruitment question from a moron.

    Hmm you could try reading the FAQ, as this question is asked at least twice a month.

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    I lived for three years not knowing what AAR is.

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