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Thread: Europa Barbarorum patch 1.2

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    Angry Europa Barbarorum patch 1.2

    Just joined and Im very new. I recently installed EUROPA BARBARORUM patch 1.1 which works fine but Im having problems with patch 1.2! Im getting this after following all the steps.....[First select your RTW where EB1.1 is, then remove this]...Okay you probably got alot of this but like I said im very new and I dont know where to put the 1.2 patch

    I clicked the CREATIVE ASSEMBLY and clicked ROME - TOTAL WAR (not the folder) it didnt work!
    I back slash and type EB right after total war (ROME - TOTAL WAR\EB) that didnt work! can anybody guide me through this. Im getting really frustrated!!!!

    ROME TOTAL REALISM is looking good about now!!!!!

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum patch 1.2

    Put it in the same place you put 1.1. That would be just the Rome total war folder.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum patch 1.2

    Welcome to the forum! Be sure to not miss the EB-FAQ and the Frequent encountered issues.

    Browse to your RTW folder where you installed 1.1 into, afterwards delete the line saying [First select your RTW where EB1.1 is, then remove this].


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    Post Re: Europa Barbarorum patch 1.2

    hi, i have the same problem! but if i erase the sentence above there's nothing write more and i can't leave the folder like this...what i have to write' until now i never played europa barbarorum cause i only could arrive to install patch 1.1, i would play with 1.2 too :/ thank you very much for every suggest you can told me!


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