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Thread: WWI: Clash of Empires- Game thread

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    Default WWI: Clash of Empires- Game thread

    World War One
    Clash of Empires

    This is the game thread and there are simple rules:
    1) Post only IC in here.
    2) Follow the Org Rules when posting.
    3) OOC posts should go to the Discussion thread.

    Me, woad&fangs and johnhughthom may occasionally post declarations/responses from the NPC's. Also, we may post events happening in the rest of the world.

    - - - - -

    During the game I take the liberty to add/remove parts from it. I'll let you know if I make changes. Most likely I'll add parts that for some reason I have missed.

    - - - - -

    1913 had seen 2 Balkan Wars that ended the Ottoman Empires power on the Balkan peninsula. The region is unstable and and it's only matter of time when the tensions between the states cause another war. No wonder the region is known as "the Powder keg of Europe".
    However, the major powers in Europe had other things on their mind. The arms race between the British and German Empire had extended to the rest of the Europe and thus destabilizing already tense relations.
    Two powerful alliances had been signed in previous decades. "The Triple Entente" by the British Empire, France and Russian Empire against the "Triple Alliance" with German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy. In the upcoming years it's those alliances that shape the future of Europe and the world.

    So, the year 1914 has begun.

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