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Thread: How to make the campaign continue

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    Unhappy How to make the campaign continue

    So i took over most of the world except the top half. I took over a julii city and it said victory blah blah blah and now i cant finish taking over the entire map :(

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    I'm guessing this is a short campaign ?

    I have never actually played a short campaign, in all my Long campaigns when you have the target amount of cities (50) and you have taken Rome, the cinematic plays and you then are presented with an option to keep playing for complete domination.

    Did you not get that option ? .... if by chance you accidentally missed that option try reloading a save before you took the Jullii city and see if you get the option to play on.

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    No its a long campaign, I almost wipped out egypt (they on a island) the selucids are dead took over all of greece, took the carthaginians home, took the numirians place, abotu to take over spain (they were my allies but they wont give me military access so im gonna destroy them), the julii and brutii expanded north together (caus i took greece and it was the only place for them to go) thrace and macedon have been conqoured and im woring on the parthinians and finishing of the greece city states (they moved to the east and took over the pontics cities) Also i never patched my game >_> i forgot to and when i remembered i was liek half way in my campaign. so could that be it? oh and yeah i did reload and no i wasnt given the option jsut says go to main menu >_>

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    Hmm, Patching half way through a campaign coulden't be a good thing i imagine, not to say that is the reason why you cannot continue your campaign though. I patched my Medieval2 TW-Kingdoms while playing a campaign with no adverse effects.

    I'm not certain on the exact changes made for the different patch versions, i am running Rome gold edition 1.5 i presume that is what you were running until you patched to 1.6, if that is the case version 1.6 may have different victory conditions and campaign parameters.

    Most likely that your campaign diden't like getting patched half way through or you simply ran out of Turns/years in your campaign. I guess if someone that plays 1.6 can weigh in on this to conclude if the campaign rules are the same it should lead us in the right direction.

    BTW, what version does your game report ?

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    Lol i bought this around when it first came out so its v1.0

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    oh and i meant that i never patched it. i was afraid to becuase i was half way in my campaign and didnt want to make it so my game wasnt playable. Some patches dont have save game capabilities and i didnt want to risk it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yutterh View Post
    Lol i bought this around when it first came out so its v1.0
    Oh! lol, then i strongly suggest you update it, you are probably missing out on alot of new stuff and bug fixes. check out this thread its got lots of juicy info about Rome and a Patch installation guide.

    I know your savegame will most likely not work after you patch it, but hey starting a fresh campaign is always fun. :)

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    when you make the last victory even wuth the short or the great campaign they would make a cinematique and they will ask you if you wish to continue playing
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