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    Greetings Warlords,

    I played the mod on an older computer some time ago and didn't experience a lot of problems back then.
    Now I started playing again on my newer computer and I've had a ton of problems so far.

    I still can't command my own armies in battle because they just don't do what I tell them to, it seems the map and units don't respond as they should, clicking there makes them go elsewhere and can't even select enemy units to attack. I hope someone knows how to resolve this issue, your help would be most welcome.

    Getting the game working in single player was a pita. I've found some solutions here on the forum and some elsewhere. I would like to place them here on a new thread so that new people with newer systems can easily solve some of the common problems.

    Thx to Peter_de123 I solved the CTD when starting a campaign, I'll quickly summarize his solution: replace these files button_ipnext.BIF and button_ipprev.BIF in the "Medieval - Total War\campmap\buttons" Folder. Here's the url (delete spaces) to his post with a link to those two files (didn't find those on this forum) http:// forums/ showthread.php?t=165716"

    Using a modern pc I wasn't able to change my resolution in the options menu, I searched the forum here but didn't quite find it. I found it elsewhere:

    I had the same problem in both Vista and Win 7 of only having 800 x 600 in the Strategy map and 640 x 480 in the Battle map.

    A fix I found that worked with a GTX 280, GTX 295 and an HD 4870 X2 is:

    Got to All Programs open the Accessories folder click on Run type MSCONFIG in the pop up window and click OK. If Windows asks for permission click Continue. In the new pop up window select the Boot tab and click on the Advanced options... button and in the new little pop up window click the tiny box by Maximum memory: Whatever the number in the box here change it to 2560 then click OK. Click Apply on the remaining window then a small pop up asking you to restart PC should remain, click Yes. You should now be able to play both Shogun Total War and Medieval Total War with all resolutions available.

    To revert your system to normal you have to uncheck the box in the Advanced options... , Maximum Memory: click OK then select the General tab and click the little round button beside Normal startup Load all device drivers and services then click Apply and then click Yes when asked to restart the system.

    What you are doing here is only allowing the system to let the games software see an amount of RAM it is programmed to understand, or so I believe, thus preventing it from defaulting to minimum specs. If the number 2560 does not work for you in the Maximum memory box try 2048. I just found on my rigs 2560 was the highest amount I could go and still get all the resolutions.

    I also found that with the HD 4870 X2 I had to disable AI in the ATI Catalyst Control center or I was getting a split screen effect.

    Good Luck!
    I hope this was helpfull and I am eagerly awaiting replies to my current problem ;p


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    Welcome Aeda,

    This problem is not really specific to the SW mod - it's a problem with STW/MTW running on Nvidia 8xxx/9xxx series graphics cards. If you have one of these cards then I'm afraid you are out of luck and will never be able to play battles correctly.

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    Hi Asai,

    Thx for the reply. Indeed I have an "older" 9xxx 1 Gig card in my pc, works great but not for this game T-T . I could setup one of my older pc's but I'm not sure if its worth all the mess that'll make ^^ . The diplomacy, economy and tactics of the campaign are entertaining so far, I might stick to that. I do miss the endless defending of "the hill" in Shinano however ... having played STW for months after it first released. This mod completes the classic, we can only hope that our dreams come true and that they use it as a blueprint for an upcomming title ...

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    Default Re: Performance issues

    Hello Aeda

    Unfortunately the 'newer' cards do cause problems with the mod.
    My newer pc with an 8600 card will not play it. I had the same problems that you described.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeda
    I could setup one of my older pc's but I'm not sure if its worth all the mess that'll make
    My older pc, using an Nvidia GF 7600GT card, runs the mod very well. I keep it just to play MTW/VI and Samurai Warlords.
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