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Thread: Shogun2 Multiplayer campaign

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    Thumbs up Shogun2 Multiplayer campaign

    Ive just played the ntw MP campaign and may finally get my moneys worth from that game, credit where credits due the multiplayer campaign is absolutely brilliant.

    I cant believe how fast it is! you can manually set the turn time limits (i set 3 mins) and off u go. within 2 hours we had a major sea battle with our 2 fleets about 15 ships involved. I made 2 forays into france (im britain) 1st foray i liberated rennes which became its own faction. i then was aware that napoleon was headed right for me with a huge army so i blocked him off at a river crossing only to realise in game my opponent had 5 artillery and continued to blow me to bits and push his way over the river and win! need more spies so im aware what units are in what armies.

    With that army lost i started rebuilding in britain meanwhile my opponent has sieged gibralta. My little force there was weakened by a spanish ai attack earlier but i will try to break out b4 it falls armies around equal strength.

    My second foray into france came with a surprise an eager napoleon right where i did my landing, surely he must have spies to see where i was going to board my ships and assault. So i was attacked on the beach but this time i was abit more prepared and had 5 artillery myself, i won the battle but dident notice if napoleon died when i asked my opponent he said its a matter of national security and cannot be discussed :D

    As u can see lots of fun and cant wait to see the mp campaigns in stw2, i would however like to see more than 1v1 campaigns like 2v2 at least maybe both allies could take their turn as 1 if its too hard to incorporate 4 player turns.

    What would you guys like to see in the shogun MP campaign?

    Id like to see more ai controls through diplomacy also like paying your ally to attack towns and such.

    The problems i can see are that if the campaign stays 1v1 its impossible to get other players involved, the mp campaign that me and amp did in rome totalwar had normal mp setup battles so anyone could fight them and you could in theory have as many players as you liked fighting the battles. I doubt you could just pass the saved game to another player as im sure it will work based on your steam account and name (not sure ill check this out) as ntw mp campaigns just go into battle from the campaign map.

    Overall i cant believe how fluid the mp campaign is, a great achievement from CA, its really fast if you want it to be and has smart stuff in there like being able to buy construction and research etc while the opponent is having their turn

    Shogun campaigns are going to be awesome! Lets hope ca dont forget to add 1 :o

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    Default Re: Shogun2 Multiplayer campaign

    I always kind of envisioned a massive multiplayer campaign where with your account you select an actual clan and your clan fights to defend your territory or expand into a neighboring clan's territory. The margin of victory and/or the size of the battle (1v1 up to 4v4) determines if any territory actually changes hands. What I haven't worked out is who leads the clan and determines diplomacy - maybe actual player clans take the game clans and the clan diamyos handle that. There could be numerous instances of the campaign to handle an unlimited number of player clans (or ronin). If a clan gains control of Japan, they are declared the winner and that instance closes down and resets. The player clans solves the diplomacy problem, but it creates scheduling issues for battles with other clans. Having virtual clan of perhaps hundreds of player helps alleviate the scheduling problem but creates a leadership issue.

    Well, anyway, my idea has a lot of issues overcome and may never work in reality, but that is my dream - and it works alright in my dream.
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    Default Re: Shogun2 Multiplayer campaign

    THe campaign sounded like fun. I would think it would be fun to play 1 vs. 1 vs. 1 vs. 1 etc. perhaps. I haven't played any NTW so perhaps that is already possible.
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