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Thread: QQ: Massalia Faction Symbol?

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    Question QQ: Massalia Faction Symbol?

    Any suggestions/ideas/facts over what it might be? I want to modify a faction symbol in EB1.2 into what would be the ideal symbol for the state of Massalia; would the lion coin in the quotation below be the most correct?

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    If it really is a lion in Moros' signature it could also be Massalia. Just look at this coin:

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    Default Re: QQ: Massalia Faction Symbol?

    Either that, or the celtic wheel, which featured often on their coins, and appears on their shields in EB. I believe there's a celtic rebel faction symbol in EB that has it, and could be used for this.

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    I was researching a little bit and I found that the coin you show was coinaged between the years of 121 BC to 82 BC... In other hand, in this same page they show a coin that was used in fourth and third century

    this is the coin, where is shown the head of Apollo, and a four-radius wheel.

    There's more coins that were used in the region as they also show how the insubres and cenones copied the coinage of the massylians

    link to the page
    the link is in spanish, if you don't mind
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    Allready download and see it... Very-very good idea!!! Brav.... eh....


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    Something like the white on red diagonal wheel/cross/whatever on the Massalian Hoplite shields would be cool.

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