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    There is a well known problem with the Nvidia Geforce 8/9 series graphics cards affecting Medieval Total - War, all versions including Viking Invasion and Shogun Total War, all versions including Mongol Invasion and the Gold Editions for both games.

    The problem manifests itself in the inability to direct your units within a battle and may be accompanied by other visual glitches such as completely invisible units and other terrain rendering/texturing problems. The problem does not affect the campaign map game, only battles.

    This problem as yet has no known solution. If you really want to play the game and battles, you will need to either get a different graphics card or install the game on another PC. Be aware though that even changing the graphics card is a minefield as even ATI cards can have certain issues. For Shogun - Total War, you can use software rendering mode, but this is at the cost to performance and image quality/detail.

    As the .org cannot provide any support or assistance with this problem, it is suggested that you report the bug/problem directly to Nvidia: Report bug

    If a solution is found please tell us about it so that others that play this game can benefit.

    If you feel that you must, you can post at the Nvidia Forums to add your name to the long list of people experiencing the same problem.

    8 page thread at Nvidia forums dealing with the 8xxx/9xxx series and MTW

    Alternatively you can post at SEGA/The Creative Assembly's official forums to make the developer/publisher aware of this problem.

    For all other crashes and technical problems, please refer to this thread.

    If none of these solutions help then please search the Apothecary and if you cannot find a solution to your problem, post a new thread there.

    Various user submitted screenshots of the problem(s):

    #1 Rare and unusual - units are invisible and terrain is textured with the banner textures. NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT ~ Windows XP SP3.

    Many thanks to Tormidal over at TWC for this one.
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