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Thread: STW2 sucess?

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    Default STW2 sucess?

    Being my 5,000th post after 4 1/2 years of being at this forum, decided to make a half-decent thread.

    Anyone think STW2 will be a sucuess? I hope it will be. MTW2 was said "Oh, it's going to be better", and I remeber Magy and some other old vets coming back to it, but most of the vets ending up leaving and the game needed much patching. Sure, several of today's clans started on MTW2 or ETW and NTW, but in the end, I don't think they lived up to the hype. For someone like myself was was 12 3/4 years old as a MP player back on MTW 1 in 2004, I was hyper for RTW. When it released, I was shocked to see all of my comrades and the "unknowns" (which I would call legends later, AMP, Magy, etc...) disappeared due to the bugs. I stuck around of coure, didn't blow $50 for nothing, and thus, here I still am.

    I hope STW2 is a sucuess.

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    Default Re: STW2 sucess?

    It is really too early to tell Warman (name change again?!!). However, their stated approach seems to indicate a better chance of hitting the nail on the head. A greatly reduced number of unit, emphasis on atmosphere/immersion and AI for SP, and a serious attempt at making MP a bigger part of the game than it has been are encouraging to me.
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    Default Re: STW2 sucess?

    Another thing to keep in mind is that what some will call success, others will call fail. Some of the "new gen" like the features in RTW and beyond that the "old-timers" don't like. CA's challenge will be to come up with a blend that appeals to most without alienating a lot from either side. That won't be easy.

    Fostering community via well-designed lobbies, offering competitive options free of exploits, and most important--focusing on balance and game play over glitz--will make or break this one, I think. Keeping it relatively simple is essential; I've always felt that it was the shibumi of the original Shogun that made it so special.
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    Default Re: STW2 sucess?

    For many of us its our favourite game certainly online anyway, I absolutely love the era and ive not been so excited about a game since the 1st game so I'll play it no matter what. Its quite easy to look back on the original with rose tinted glass's but it did have faults the AI was terrible and the infantry could beat Usain Bolt in a sprint with cav struggling to catch the routers at times.

    If they keep faithful though to the original, don't overcomplicate it and make it with the same production values from the last 2 games then I'm sure it will be great in SP at the very least. But please give us an online lobby.

    Rome sigh if it resembles that huge behemoth of cack in MP ill never forgive them.
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    Default Re: STW2 sucess?

    If CA have some balls to break away from the cycle of total war games being put out in recent years then yes, it will. Otherwise no.

    What strikes me though is how hard they portray making a solid strategy game is. I remember when the NTW2 mod was released for RTW/BI. That mod was perfectly balanced and it was a joy to be able to play a balanced MP game on a map other than grassy flatland. Apparently CA seems to think map diversity is a disadvantage and that a game can't be balanced around such diversity when in fact, it can. That was a turning point for me, seeing the Lordz make a beautifully balanced mod whilst CA churned out the same old same old. The rules for RTW and M2TW in particular were a joke. Competitions and most competitive players had to list rule sets which banned game features simply because the game was so poorly balanced, not enforcing such rules meant a one sided advantage to one player.

    I hope CA can deliver, but I'm also realistic. If they can't make a balanced and true strategy game on about their fourth time of asking though, all hope will be lost.

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    Default Re: STW2 sucess?

    well, some infos are already around, 40+ different units, obvious gameplay. As some already wrote, not like CA is goin to skip most of the intentions.
    The general is a stupid thing for a tactical gameplay. Not like you need a lot of micro skill to control it, not like the gen has lot of function. In NTW you have just 2 things the gen can do with some timer on it, the unit can also attack themself. On the other hand, the unit get shot behind your lines and if your unlucky the gen get killed jsut by a bullet.

    While it may be realistic, the unit give almost nothing to the game, but cause problems. I remember in MTW where we left the gen far behind the real battle.

    Anyway, the current Gameplay clearly show whats wrong with CA. NTW is okay to play, that you can say, but the games itself needs mostly ages to finish.
    If STW2 will be any good, they have to change a lot. Somewhere has to be an average time spent for one game, the standard player wants to spent, if this is too much, the standard player dont play the game for long.

    I just can compare with the current NTW and there i see already huge Problems. If you see 2 armies standing there in single line, using a 4v4 map something is wrong. If you create such a game and give something for MP, you avoid the obvious. You cant allow player to get every single unit in one linemodus, this is stupid! Now, what this tell us?
    CA didnt really playtest the game, or had bad betatester doin it, a logical step would have been to dont allow certain units to spread into a single line. In many ways CA is looking at the historical correctness and than they force player to go singlelines.

    I personal think, that CA has problems to find new eras to create a game around, thats why we see this stupid NTW. In SP its maybe interesting. I dont think so, i had a shot on the campaign and there you have to follow certain ways, not like you got much of an option.

    This all make me worry about STW2. Era is without a doubt nice, im sure we gonna see many nice picture and tons of eyecandy stuff.
    On the other hand, i doubt the gameplay will change a lot compared to the current TW game.

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    Default Re: STW2 sucess?

    To be honest, I've loved every TW game I've played. MTW was what started it for me, and while its been many years since then I feel like the series didn't disappoint. RTW felt so revolutionary to me, and I can still play it today and have lots of fun (keep in mind I play SP for the most part). MTW2 is personally my favorite, each faction had something about it that made it unique and fun to play as. ETW I can see why some people didn't like it, but I still had plenty of hours of enjoyment. NTW does feel like what ETW should have been, but the game is great regardless.

    I'm sure plenty of people would disagree with me on some points, but overall I think as long as CA doesn't try something terribly new without testing it thoroughly they can't go too wrong. Of course there's improvements to be made, but as long as the general formula is there I think they'll do fine. I've never regretted buying a TW game, and every installment of the series has seemed like a step up for me. I'm very hopeful that STW2 will follow that .
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