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Thread: Org could be host MP Tourney tool

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    Default Org could be host MP Tourney tool

    Well, i just red in an other tread, that the org might host clanwebsites.

    This brings up once more my old Idea about a online tool, to manage a tourney.
    Since i was absent for some time, its surely possible, that this kind of tool already exists.

    I remember the time of hosting a tourney for 200 player, which was a pain, since the communication was so terrible bad...

    If CA is bringing an online version which automatically organize it, than this isnt need, actual i doubt it.

    The system would arrange the People, put in their names and kinda organize the "next" battles. The system could be pretty easy. Since there are opponents, you just need the winner of the match.

    If the looser saw a mistake, example could be wrong choose units, he has an option to sign in a bring up a logfile.

    Usually we would see a winner, who write in his name for the next match and once both games in one line was fought, the game gets set up automatically.
    This would be an easy way to arrange many battles pretty quick, without the need of many people to organize it.

    It could be possible to fight a whole tourney in a few hours.
    This has to be goal anyway, since the tourneys i know always took ages to get done.

    Its a basic idea.


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    Default Re: Org could be host MP Tourney tool

    I am not sure about the tool you are asking for, but during the talks concerning hosting Clans over here, hosting tournaments as well. A hosted clan subforum could contain a private forum, a public forum and a subforum for hosting tournaments by the said Clan.Edit: Yes actually there is this kind of tool and it is being looked upon.Hopefully it cant be implemented.
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    Default Re: Org could be host MP Tourney tool

    Could offer little .Org badge as reward PLUS maybe a actual reward also, say, a autograpth version of STW 2 or something .


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