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Thread: Where should I invade in my Casse campaign?

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    Default Where should I invade in my Casse campaign?

    I'm currently trying to take over Britain and Ireland, and I was just wondering should I invade the Lusotanan or should Invade either the Aeudi or Arveni?

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    Default Re: Where should I invade in my Casse campaign?

    I always have trouble going much farther than Northern Gaul. There's always a stack of like seventeen pirate ships that seem to congregate all around Britain. I just make a ship and hurry to get my men across in one turn.
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    Default Re: Where should I invade in my Casse campaign?

    I tend to play a mini roleplay with my game and so I at least want to find a cassus-belli for invading someone. In my brand new Casse game I have moved over and am taking out the sweboz from the north. The land is dirt poor, the troops are difficult to beat because they have built up with about 12 towns and frankly I don't think I can hold my gains. BUT they are at war with both my allies (aedui and averni) and were starting to sucessfully take towns in gaul.

    It all depends on how you play but I like to justify what I am doing and have a bit of fun with the game inside the game.

    Alternatively, you should be able to recruit decent troops in Gaul itself so 'unifying' the celts and taking gaul is a decent goal that is also good gameplay sense. And Spain/Iberia is wealthy as hell with mines and decent access to other factions for sea trade so if you wanted more cash then thats a worthwhile goal gameplay-wise. You can also 'liberate' the celto-iberians if you care about them.
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    Default Re: Where should I invade in my Casse campaign?

    I would conquer Britain and Ireland first, of course.

    Then I would make it my mission in life to liberate any town in Western Europe that started the campaign as Rebel and has been conquered by one of the other factions. So after any other faction takes over Norway, Denmark, Belgium, coastal Gaul, and Northern Spain, I'd attack them and take those territories for myself. Basically, almost the entire Atlantic coastline starts as Rebel, so that's quite a few towns to liberate from their oppressors.

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    Take one of the Belgae settlements and get Remi Marepos, then start taking over the universe.
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    Default Re: Where should I invade in my Casse campaign?

    Create a large fleet, then launch the British Expeditionary Force to colonize southern Arabia. Please note that you may have to break through the core Ptolemaic cities to get your fleet through the Red Sea Canal if you want to sail the entire way there. It will be exceedingly difficult to hold those areas, let alone start an expansion.

    Keep in mind that you are vainly attempting to spread Celtic culture to the furthest reaches of the known world in a glorious adventure that will be continually sung by the bards throughout the ages. Slaughter your enemies and sacrifice them at the altar to your savage gods. Build religious monuments and start cults dedicated to the worship of British heroes. Construct great taverns and introduce the great art of binge drinking to the natives. And spread your biological seed in the sands of Arabia.


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