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Thread: what about a new fake server?

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    Default what about a new fake server?

    I'm a complete (tech) noob, but is it still possible to host fake servers?

    With STW2 in the pipeline...and the return of many old Shogun players I think this can be really nice. I'm sure we can get a fair amount of players who would love to play online again.
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    Default Re: what about a new fake server?

    I believe so. R'as al Ghul hosted one for some time (on XP, I believe). 7Bear7Bottom was also running one. The software is easy to set up, and I think it's still hosted somewhere here (mizu server).

    The problem wasn't the fakeserver software. It was that routers/anti-virus software tend to block the game host's ip from being seen by those who want to join the game. One had to configure their router/anti-virus such that others could see and join the hosted games. This wasn't as easy to do as we'd hoped, though some did manage to achieve it.

    Also, if only one or a few could host, they'd have to be on for anyone else to play. It got really frustrating for the few that were interested because only a few could host and they weren't on as often as everyone else would have preferred.

    But as far as I know, it can still be done.


    There is a thread stickied in this subforum about the old fakeserver, where you can read about the issues we were having.


    Here is a link to the fakeserver software. I got the link from the Downloads section here:

    STW Fakeserver installer

    Instructions here (scroll down the list):
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    Default Re: what about a new fake server?

    To be honest, I'm more looking forward to this than to the actual STW2. :P

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