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    Ok guys tomorrow I'm going downtown to meet my friends and I also have saved for some entertainment at home. I'm gonna buy either RTW or NTW.Or ETW. I don't know. I am aware that I'm posting in the NTW board but most of you seem to have played other games in the series and I would appreciate you helping me help myself to a generous helping of entertainment. Please be quick, I don't wanna go downtown on weekdays. Again

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    I take it you have mtw2? if not its the best for single player with all its many mods including some really brilliant ones. Rome is too old imo. NTW if you want multiplayer or MP campaign 1v1. Havent tried empire.

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    I've played them all. Liked them all. Played Rome a long time ago its old but nice, buy it only if you like Rome alot, else Empire. Big map, great compaign. Alot of faction, hours of enjoyment. Napoleon's campaign in Napoleon:TW is also very good. Conclusion: Empire would be very wise option if you want entertainment.


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