That we can get back to the old days. When I did VI back in 2004 on 2.0 server, we always respected one another. If you screwed up, you were punished.... but forgiven once you completed it. For example, I did a Tera-gate scandal thing at that time, unknowing to me who the hell Tera and crew was back then . I was punished greatly, then forgiven and we moved on.

Newer players always respected older more experienced players. Clan wars happen, but only when there was a common enemy. We shown honor. Dropping the 12 letter m word on a clan forum could get you kick out of your clan. Now, it probably won't.

I just wish the newer players and even some certain MP players I know from a certain MP forum would become more mature when game is released. Acting stupid makes you popular, but hated as well. Yes, I was stupid in my day. I could have acted better. Now I know that, but you can not change the pst.

I just hope we can have a good time without to much bad drama.
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As much as I love the 2004 edition of .net and yes, I did sign up for it for a mp mappack fr vi, god I'm old, and the 2005 version of it, I think we can live without much drama.

My 8 cents.