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Thread: Shooting bug

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    Default Shooting bug

    I noticed in one game, that my missle did shoot into the ground, now im not sure, if this is just caused by one of those no-go-areas or if this also happens on other hills, while shooting downhill.

    In the same battle i had also the situation that my enemy stand on that hill and i shot from uphill, which did work, while downhill didnt.

    If the unit doesnt have a clear shotline, than the unit shouldnt shoot at all or not?

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    Hi Kocmoc,

    It's true about having a clear line of sight in order to have your shots to have contact with enemy troops. Normally, if you are on a hill, you have to bring your unit near the edge or at the edge of the hill to have a clear line of sight. If you don't, the unit will fire into the ground.


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