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Thread: How plan CA to involve the MPlayer?

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    Default How plan CA to involve the MPlayer?

    What i see is a clear statement to put some high amount of effort into MP.

    Now i ask myself, how CA will involve us more?

    Some years ago, we was part of the patching, we was able to betatest a patch.
    Actual the outcome was really good.

    I mentioned it in another tread already, the beta tests for MP for the current NTW was/is bad. Too many obvious problems around.

    Since Jack is reading here, he surely can say something about this?!?

    We offered it once already, to come to UK ( even on own costs) and help to beta test it,
    our interests are so high, that we are full in to support it (unless the game suck so hard, that any time is a waste, which we dont hope).

    Im sure, that the community got enough good player, to actual help with the beta and it might be some good way to improve the game, avoid problems and create some good PR.

    7 Months to go, if such an idea is of any interest, there should be plans made.


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    Default Re: How plan CA to involve the MPlayer?

    They probably going to read our threads and hear us out, but that's about it. If they really want to make MP good, should get us more involved.

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    Default Re: How plan CA to involve the MPlayer?

    I am willingly to fly to england at my own cost and spent an whole friday testing....... for free.... and even pay the beer for the guys accompagning me...... im sure koc goes with me......
    Clan Wolves: 10 years in Total War
    visit us at
    and youtube channel
    and watch a Creative Assembly employee struggle in battle....


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