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Thread: IDEA - Hold on option for arranging teamgames

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    Default IDEA - Hold on option for arranging teamgames

    This is something which is in my head for a longer time already.

    Usually people team up for a 3v3, 4v4 or 2v2, than waiting for people to join.
    Mostly those guys never played together before and the game is already in advance of the hosts.

    With the current spent time for one single battle, which is many times more than 30 mins, it will be hard to arrange those teamgames vs other teams.

    What about, such an option, where your team can sign in, to meet other teams.
    Now the system who collect some of those teams, try to analyze their battles, maybe by routed enemies or killed soldier (there might be better ideas).

    And communicate that, within steam the system could also ping the leader of the team and open a small chatwindow, that would be surely the easiest way.

    This makes of course only sense, if we have many player or a system like steam.
    It is very hard, for certain player impossible to arrange teamgames, simply as they dont know enough people.


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    Default Re: IDEA - Hold on option for arranging teamgames

    good idea..... simply put u sign up with a team and wait till ur connected to another team....

    and what i would like more in this if team vs team u play 2 battles as attacker and defender on same map.... and best kill/loss ratio over 2 battles wins this fixed teams game....
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    Default Re: IDEA - Hold on option for arranging teamgames

    I like to call those attack then defend matches as "Home and Away". It's an old U.S. term for a team playing a game at home, then going to the other team's home court and playing them again.

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    Default Re: IDEA - Hold on option for arranging teamgames

    Great idea as long as they don't take it down the road of involuntary "auto-matching" I freaking hate games that do that
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    Default Re: IDEA - Hold on option for arranging teamgames

    Me too Dump. To me the whole purpose of multiplayer is to play with friends and not some random set of strangers.

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    Default Re: IDEA - Hold on option for arranging teamgames

    I have been matching hundreds of Total War Clan teams for over seven years now on a forum based three week per match scheduling.

    Believe me, these games take anywhere from an hour to two, even with regulations aimed to speed things up.

    And scoring scheme less than total victory is really not doable, as winning is much too important to be left to calculators.

    Gamer Replays tried to put together something faster in arranging matches with their Clanwars eSport format (not to be confused with our Clan Wars Competition).

    But as far as I know, it never really worked out that well for these types of games, being better suited for first-person-shooters.

    Total war players tend to be older and more serious about their fun. And prefer to hold private in-Clan practices so that they can keep their strategies and tactics secret as long as possible.

    Probably the best way to arrange what you are considering is to enter contests that support Teams, and enjoy what can be provided in intentionally scheduled games.
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