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Thread: Issue with Samurai Warlords 8

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    Default Issue with Samurai Warlords 8

    Before I state my problem, I'd like to say that I appreciate this mod, I even played this mod some 1 or 2 years ago and it worked just fine!!

    However, for some reason, it won't let me at this present time!

    Could anyone tell me what I did wrong this time?

    The way I installed it:
    1.Installed Medieval Total war vanilla
    2.Installed VI expansion
    3.Patched VI to 2.01
    4.Installed SW8
    5. And with the CD in my drive, the original MTWVI works just fine, the campaign and the quick battle. But both SW8 Campaigns won't, it just crashes at the loading screen!
    Even though the whole mainmenu layout looks as it should be(like shogunTW), it crashes after choosing a faction after loading towards going into the strategy map(which I never get to see anyway).

    I'm a Samurai History buff, so I'm really in the mood to play this mod for the fun of it.

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    Default Re: Issue with Samurai Warlords 8

    Check out this topic for help with installing the mod
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    Default Re: Issue with Samurai Warlords 8

    Well, the game finally worked at installing patch 8.1,

    But failed to work after saving ingame, which resulted in not able to load the save file nor starting anew with any faction. Which it caused again the same problem before adding patch 8.1

    Any suggestions?


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