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    I'm running Rome Gold (Mac Edition) on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.6. I'd love to be able to run Europa Barbarorum with the BI engine, but Ferromancer's installer won't work for me on a mac (because it's an .exe). Is there another way to run EB on BI that would work on a Mac?
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    ...failing that, is there a non-.exe version of Ferromancer's or another installer?

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    Thanks a ton, man!

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    your going to have to manually add things like shield wall to units, but im playing it on my Mac using EB. First, start a game using the, then save it, and load up BI with the -mod:eb, and just continue campaign. You cant start a new campaign or custom battless, but you get everything else from BI (better AI...NAVAL INVASIONS..shield wall..etc)

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    Would it be possible to enable custom battles by editing or tweaking some file somewhere?

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