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    In NTW, if I have analysed the charge mechanics correctly, a charge has two types of lethal damage, a blow with the weapon and the physical impact of the charging horse. When charging infantry, most of the charge damage seems to be done by the horse itself, meaning that even the cheapest cavalry unit can do a lot of damage on charge.

    I can see that if cavalry charges have a similar emphasis on the physical impact of horses, then we might have issues as even cavalry archers will do a lot of damage against non-spear wielding infantry even on frontal charges. I would like to see weapon-based damage becoming the main killer on charges as in NTW the charge bonus plays a minor role against infantry.
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    atho i have no facts on this i may support you an incoming lance or spear or naginate must deliver a blow as well.... but an incomming horse is a power to reckon with as well.....
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