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Thread: What program needed to install EB?

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    Default What program needed to install EB?

    I am trying to install EB onto my computer, but I need a certain program to install it. Right now it just has a blank file icon and when I click in it tells me to choose a program to install.

    If you could help me with finding what program is needed, it'd be appreciated
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    Default Re: What program needed to install EB?

    Sounds like a corrupted/unfinished download, try to re-download it from another source, torrent is a good option.
    The files itself are regular installers with the ending *.exe.
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    Default Re: What program needed to install EB?

    Thanks. I found my original copies of EB on my external HD from before my computer crashed. I used those and it worked out fine. I just figured I was missing something because of my harddrive breaking and getting a new, blank, one from Dell.


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