Dear Creative Assembly,

Theres around 6 months to go untill the release of shogun2 and a great lack of good quality maps available for Napoleon totalwar, Ive played many multiplayer campaigns and seen some great maps for multiplayer in the game just sitting wasted.

Please can you make more maps available for multiplayer in Napoleon totalwar in the coming months, i mean theyre already in the game all they need to do is to be able to be added in the multiplayer maps list.

Please do this as a favour to the multiplayer community and consider making every map from the campaign in shogun 2 available in its multiplayer 1v1 - 4v4s, or include a mapeditor in the game that does not invalidate your game version in MP. Its very important for stw2 multiplayer to have a much improved selection of mp maps over NTW and more in number.