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Thread: Does Rome Total war online Campaign exist?

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    Question Does Rome Total war online Campaign exist?

    I was wondering if there was an online Rome Total war Campaign
    If so, how does it work?

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    Default Re: Does Rome Total war online Campaign exist?

    I did a multiplayer campaign with rome totalwar 1v1 which included some administration but the battles and the campaign part were in game. To do it you needed a hacked exe of the original exe 1.0 if i remember right and had to use cheat codes to change faction and advance the turns. Theres a fully functional campaign available in Napoleon totalwar and will also be one in shogun totalwar2 my advice is to wait on shogun 2 or play the napoleon multiplayer campaign which is very good.

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    Default Re: Does Rome Total war online Campaign exist?

    Rome had a Play by Email Multiplayer mod that Myrddral developed but its nothing like Napolean's. If you would like to check it out, here is the link. It ran a lot like what Swoosh So was talking about as it would switch between players by changing the 'active' faction until every player has had their turn before it advances the season. The only issue was that if your faction was not the active faction by the time the AI got their turn, the game would auto-resolve all your battles. But its still worth a shot if you would like to try it out
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