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Thread: CTD on Karthadastim turn

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    Default CTD on Karthadastim turn

    I don't have an error, because I can't seem to get it to display one (I checked show error in the TrivialScript config, but it doesn't seem to actually do it). But it's happened six times in a row, with script on and off. I'm playing 1.2 as Epeiros/Kyrene, it's 229BC.

    On the AI turn, the Karthadastim move some troops out of Kart-Hadast, and something causes a CTD. None of their cities are about to revolt as far as I can tell using the generic script to investigate them.

    Much earlier in the game I accidentally cloned the Karthadastim FL (by moving him when he was in the capital - damned Karthadastim names...), but it all seemed fixed when I moved him to Lilibeo where his clone was and killed them both in an autocalc. There is now one and only one FL and FM.

    Saved game attached here.

    I'm using the City Mod, have all the fixes in and I got rid of the big trees.
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