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Thread: Pre-Battle CTD

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    The year is late 230s BC, and I am preparing to siege both the Lusotann capital, and an Aedui city. After my turn ends, I fight the Aedui, and after that battle, I'm attacked by one of Lusotann's armies. However, everytime I press 'Fight Battle', the game begins to load, before I receive a CTD halfway through the loading process. This has happened before, so I ended up auto-resolving the battle that time. I have also made multiple saves, but something like this happens every once in a while, and auto-resolving typically gives me a horrible defeat. The uploaded save file is here:

    Any help is appreciated.
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    It happens sometimes unfortunately. I recommend using the auto_win cheat so that you do not lose the battle so badly.
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    Thank you, I'll give it a shot.

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    I have got the same problem, that's why I registered here. Everytime I start a new campaign I play for about 30 to 40 years without any problems. Than, aproximately in the 240s or 230s I start getting CTDs when I start a battle. At the beginnig, the CTD appears at the beginning of the third or fourth battle after loading a savegame but later already at the beginning of the second. It happens especially when it's not the player's turn an I'm attacked by an enemy force. It's quite frustrating to get attacked, win the battle and then to get attacked again and get a CTD, especially if this happens over and over again.

    Please tell me if anyone has a solution for this problem. I really don't want to use cheats.


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    Quote Originally Posted by julianm6 View Post
    There is no solution

    The only thing the EB team (and anybody else) can tell you is...

    Fresh copy of RTW, EB, fixes, restart campaign, don't use mods, get a better computer, hope for the best

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