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    Since it can be very difficult to get the march of time reforms to happen with the Romani ai often struggling to build the necessary buildings, is it possible to force it from the beginning? As in, if i was to edit the files concerning what buildings are in Capua from the beginning for example to include the highest tier of Governors Mansion, would it give me march of time straight away?
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    I don't know how to do that, but if I want to rush the March of Time, I just add population to Capua with the console and do a process_cq on the same turn so they finish whatever they're working on. I guess then the city growth is still fresh in their mind or something, and they build the governor's mansion right away. That almost always does the trick for me.

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    play maks - excellent faction. MOT kicks in post 172 with i told the building of six slave estates in Italy. Interestingly I kicked them out by about 195, and it still happened without the required estates a few years later.

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    You're wrong captain. MOT are the vannila Marian reforms... they happen when a city in Italy + Rome become huge. Then the bodyguards change and you get various new units.

    The EB Marian reforms happen post 172
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