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Thread: Changes to startpos files in VI

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    The production files are simular to the released version, just a couple of extra column to state which units are avaliable to MP. The interesting stuff are in the startpos files.

    SetMapTexturesSubdir:: "vikings"
    Prodfiles:: UNITPROD "vikings_unit_prod.txt" BUILDINGPROD "vikings_build_prod.txt"

    // Faction declarations.
    DeclareFaction:: "rebellious_badger" // -> assigned to 0
    DeclareFaction:: "faction_underpants" // -> assigned to 1
    DeclareFaction:: "abc" // -> assigned to 2

    DeclareLandRegion:: "Blackhill" // -> assigned to 0
    DeclareLandRegion:: "Consett" // -> assigned to 1
    DeclareLandRegion:: "Durham" // -> assigned to 2

    SetRegionUnquakeable:: Blackhill
    SetRegionUnfloodable:: Consett

    // now that you've declared abc as a faction you can use it here
    PortraitsOverride:: abc "vikings" // ignore the culture and get pictures from here

    //conquest glory goal
    RegOwnersFile::"custom_file" // see regowner_table file
    GGConquestReward:: FN_01 1.0
    GloriousToggle:: false // no glory goal mode avaliable

    SetFactionMusic:: abc 2 // value can be set to 0 - 5, see playlist file

    SetRegionRebels:: Blackhill 1 // assign rebel faction to a region - see rebel_factions_xzy

    DeclareTradegoods:: "VIDEO_GAMES" 100
    SetImportPercentage:: 20 // the percentage of the export value imported goods are worth..

    SetNameData:: "campmap\\names\\viking_heroes.txt"
    RegionSpecificFile:: "viking_region_specific.txt"
    FactionSpecificFile:: "viking_faction_specific.txt"

    SetFactionCol:: abc 110 162 52 255 224 0
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    Wow cool stuff ECS, I like the Declare trade goods does this mean we can edit trade goods and add our own ? Also the trade percentage is a great feature. I am working up the trade aspect for our Napoleonic Mod and this opens up alot of possibilties
    Taking life one day at a time!

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    Now I know my abc, it's a new ball game for you and me.
    ( or video game or let me think......)

    Thanks ECS.



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