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    Great work on EB1, I really enjoyed it and I look forward to EB2.

    I have some questions regarding how much the M2TW engine can handle the implementation of somewhat realistic corruption models.

    I remember in EB1, corruption can be completely eliminated through law structures.

    Is it possible to have some kind of decay in law with the passage of time or some kind of semi-realistic model of this modded in? (Or was this already featured but I just didn't catch it?) This can also be applied to sewage and public health as well.

    It seems unrealistic to me that buildings give constant benefits of return once you built them but I understand this may not be possible to model in the game (hence some long build times to show institutionalization). However, it would be very interesting to have a decent probability for these buildings (specifically institutions and service buildings) to be destroyed or damaged based on factors within a city (lack of income, discontent, famine, etc). Perhaps the price of building them can be determined by certain factors as well to reflect either the difficulty or ease with which they can be built (factors like loss of skilled labor etc.).

    Maybe I am being too hopeful that the M2TW engine can emulate these things.

    I am also curious about how the famine system will work in EB2. I remember it was passive (poor harvest, good harvest) but I feel like large famines are not represented. Are you guys planning anything in this respect? Along with other natural disasters?

    Also, how are you guys doing with the attrition factor of different terrains? (in wiping out armies).

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    [edit] Oops, probably should have put this in the FAQ thread....
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    Firstly, the M2TW engine is highly limited and can do little more than the RTW engine, though we are pushing the abilities of the engine to its limits.

    Secondly, Even if we could implement these factos in the game, there is an entire other consideration to be addressed, that of game balance. We aim to represent history as accuratley as possible, but we also aim to present the player with a fun and exciting game that they can enjoy playing for hours on end. If too many factors involving the regular destruction of the player's buildings, armies and populace are included the game will become a boring nightmare, however realistic it may be. We will strive to represent the hardships of the ancient world as always, but we will also make an enjoyable and fulfilling game.


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