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Thread: Hang on "Start Battle" with Lilibeo reinforcement battle

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    Default Hang on "Start Battle" with Lilibeo reinforcement battle

    1.2 with all the fixes in.

    I've had a repeatable freeze/hang with a reinforcement battle on Sicilia. I'm besieging Lilibeo in the tile immediately east of the city, and a Karthadastim army attacks to break the siege from outside the city. Cue battle with reinforcement.

    I deploy as normal, but the moment I click "Start Battle", the game hangs/freezes. Locks up and will do nothing.

    I can see on the map that there's a load of impassable terrain where the garrison would come from, which I think is the source of the problem. Anyone else encountered this?
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    Default Re: Hang on "Start Battle" with Lilibeo reinforcement battle

    I am also having this problem but it happens at Alexandria (I'm playing Romani, besieging Alexandria and attacked by a Ptolemaioi army from outside). What is weird is that even the game freezes but the sound still plays normally, I tried to press Ctrl+Alt+Del but it can't even get me out to desktop to press End Task on EB. Does anyone know have a solution on this?


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