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Thread: time of bondsmen reforms

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    Default time of bondsmen reforms

    what do i need to do to activate the time of bondsmen reforms, im in 215 b.c and i have 5 large markets already, do i need to wait the aedui and the arveni to start the reforms?

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    Default Re: time of bondsmen reforms

    As per the FAQ:

    Casse, Arverni, and Aedui must build at least 4 (forum)(L3 Market) collectively
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    Default Re: time of bondsmen reforms

    You dont need to wait. I assume that either you have not activated the script, or you just need to wait for a while. I had it about 5-6 turns late.

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    if you meet the requirements alone you still get the reforms it just helps when the others both hae one or two so you only need 0-2 but as you already have 5 yourself, you dont need the others for this reform(its actually the same for the other refrom) save your game, play for at least six turns the reforms seldom happen in the instance you fulfill the requirements.
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