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Thread: Aggony Ducky!!!!

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    Default Aggony Ducky!!!!

    Leave me alone AggonyDucky, I know you up to something!!!! I was walking down by a icey pond by my college yesterday and as I was close to the edge (Just wanted to stick my foot on the ice, and yes, I know some of you would just love if I fell in ) and I heard a..... "QUACK! QUACK!" Coming from the nearby bushes and I saw no Ducks/Geese but I heard it. Sounded mean.

    I think Ducky sent them after me.

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    Default Re: Aggony Ducky!!!!

    the sadness that such post made it to the forum 3 months before release the forum should be buzzing about the upcomming release...... is the site dead?
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    Default Re: Aggony Ducky!!!!

    I prefer this type of posts over little kids complaining about not getting Rome 2 >_>

    although if you notice, there's always over 100 guest online! Just need a way to push them to contribute :D
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    they cant contribute under the current system if its how i remember it and have to jump through several hoops for membership.

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    You can appease my minions by giving them breadcrumbs, not by posting threads about it in the wrong sections. That will only anger them further.Oh, and Closed!
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    Default Re: Aggony Ducky!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Swoosh So View Post
    they cant contribute under the current system if its how i remember it and have to jump through several hoops for membership.
    It's as easy as registering Swoosh, as with any forum.
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