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Thread: The Peninsular Campaign: Great Britain

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    Default The Peninsular Campaign: Great Britain

    Late March 1811 to Late Dec. 1815

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    Default Re: The Peninsular Campaign: Great Britain

    By no means a total guide, more a series of pointers.

    Initially, capture the port city in the mission. Take with Wellington but also move Beresford and the spy up with him.

    Once you have beaten of Soult's counter-attack, strip Beresford's army into Wellington's and attack north around the coast. Build up the port and then arm Beresford.

    Use Beresford in the centre of Spain, I generally liberate here as the partisans can be useful for ambushes and holding river crossings.

    When funds allow, build a third army to engage in the South. By this stage the North should be British and the centre Spanish.

    You should not neglect the Navy. The trade routes are very useful but the French will have a go at them if you do not defend.


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