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Thread: New Warpath Campaign Bug! Any possible way of fixing it?

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    Unhappy New Warpath Campaign Bug! Any possible way of fixing it?

    So I just started the Cherokee campaign and have been playing them for a couple of turns. Early on, the Spanish managed to capture my capital, Autiamique, and I had to retreat to Cherokee Territory.

    They had control of the capital for 3 turns, so after 2 turns, Autiamique rebelled and US rebels popped up. The spanish stack moved out of the capital and crushed the US settlers, taking some casualties, and at that time I caught them in the open and destroyed them.

    When I marched into Autiamique and retook it, I discovered the Spanish had destroyed all buildings, but surprisingly, the province ceased to generate income.

    I built the 3 basic building types in the slots once more and still, the province refuses to generate income. See screenshot:

    What must I do? I'm losing 700 gold per turn....
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    Default Re: New Warpath Campaign Bug! Any possible way of fixing it?

    That is a bug I saw when the campaign first came out. It has never been fixed and it makes it almost unplayable for me.

    If the AI exempts a region from Taxes then the player has no way of switching it back.

    Therefore any region the AI captures and you recapture is likely to never generate a dime.

    It should have been fixed long ago but the campaign has never been retouched.

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