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Thread: Hamalcar, Hamilcar?

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    Default Hamalcar, Hamilcar?

    I was browsing through the Descr_strat and found that Hamalcar Barca didn't have the trait HamilcarBiography (or something like that), is it a different person?

    Also, someone that uses my mod said that some FM (generic name) of the Quarthadastim got the Hamicar Biography trait; yet I have not edited the descr_strat or modified the biography traits on the EDCT (only the Blooded line and the LoB line of traits, and only their effects). Since I have not in any way modified that section, not even accidentally. And with Notepad++. Since I am not asking for the modded section, but for the untouched one, you should be able to help (If you know better ... lawl).

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    Default Re: Hamalcar, Hamilcar?

    I remember in some dark place in my brain that there was a thread about this very specific issue, maybe I find it later.

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