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Thread: Middle-Earth campaign map?

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    Default Re: Middle-Earth campaign map?

    Quote Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
    So many possibilities, incredible.
    Exactly! My first idea was to put on in each province and add an description/story for some additional flavor.

    The other is to use it as building called "foundations". You know how conquering system work in MTW and how buildings are razed and decrease in level. So, we can add the indestructible foundations building as a requirement for each level of castle so a player won't need to start building the whole castle chain from the ground up (many people find it very time consuming and annoying). If there were a citadel in a province before, player doesn't have to start from a keep or any lower level castle but he can already build a citadel, then fortress.

    I'm curious what else you can think of?
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    Default Re: Middle-Earth campaign map?

    I thought about more developed structures - much like you, but not only about these.
    I've used forest clearing for large trade centers, but now it is possible to name each of them separately...

    Some ideas I had include for example political structures e.g. Swiss Confederacy with massive decrease to loyalty forcing anybody who occupies (and destroys a fair number of various structures, often rising loyalty) Switzerland to keep a large garrison in the area and lead to a loyalist/peasant rising. Obviously it could give something to the Swiss, but it is a question of choice.

    Since each such structure can be unique there are plenty of choices, but first I'll want to add at least what I have planned before.

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    Default Re: Middle-Earth campaign map?

    Hi guys,

    Stazi, this is as Cegorach says, a really, really stunning discovery. It's the Holy Grail for me, and I've been playing with it for my Ancient mod (which is now back in development after a few years).

    First off, there is ONE limit - it seems you can only(!!) have 50 such buildings, trying to build any more causes a CTD. That said, my plan was (and it's been mostly successful) is to make an indesructible building for every province. Alas the limit of 50 cuts in - I have 56 provinces on my current map, so it fell just short....

    Anyway what I have done is create 50 buidings in the build_prod, all with the Forest Clearing local string. The labels (ie build_prod name) I have used are province names, and they are all non-producers and unique. They have a build requirement of the top tier castle (just to keep them out of the build panel during the game). For the review-panel icon I just saved a bif with 'the purest green' (sorry, couldn't resist a Blackadder reference there...) ie transparent, and I made an info_pic bif the same (336x448 of transparency), called it 'BLANK' and referenced to that for the info_pic string. I set the name and description translations for Forest Clearing to " " so nothing will show on the parchment.

    This is how it looks in-game:

    The build_prod looks like this:

    0 CYRENAICA "Forest Clearing" "NON_PRODUCER, UNIQUE" "100" 1 {CASTLE10} "BLANK" etc
    0 ILLYRIA "Forest Clearing" "NON_PRODUCER, UNIQUE" "100" 1 {CASTLE10} "BLANK" etc
    0 LIBYA "Forest Clearing" "NON_PRODUCER, UNIQUE" "100" 1 {CASTLE10} "BLANK" etc
    0 MACEDONIA "Forest Clearing" "NON_PRODUCER, UNIQUE" "100" 1 {CASTLE10} "BLANK" etc
    0 CRETE "Forest Clearing" "NON_PRODUCER, UNIQUE" "100" 1 {CASTLE10} "BLANK" etc
    0 AGRIANA "Forest Clearing" "NON_PRODUCER, UNIQUE" "100" 1 {CASTLE10} "BLANK" etc

    ................. for 50 entries

    and I build them all in the startpos:

    MakeBuilding:: ID_LANDREG_01 CYRENAICA
    MakeBuilding:: ID_LANDREG_02 ILLYRIA
    MakeBuilding:: ID_LANDREG_03 LIBYA
    MakeBuilding:: ID_LANDREG_04 MACEDONIA
    MakeBuilding:: ID_LANDREG_05 CRETE
    MakeBuilding:: ID_LANDREG_06 AGRIANA

    ................. for 50 entries

    This means now I can do the (previously) impossible and force some buildings to be available only in certain provinces without using up any 'resource' slots, simply by adding the province name as a build requirement.

    Taking it even further, it will be possible to have a totally different tech-tree in different provinces! How cool is that?!?!? You can for instance stop churches being built in provinces that have a Muslim culture, just by setting up the build requirements to exclude those Muslim provinces.

    Then a further thought: so far I've set these up with no upgrades, but I think it might be possible (still mulling it over...) to find a way to force a province into choosing between two alternative paths of development, but I haven't got there yet...

    Other applications: of course the build_prod entries for each of these buildings (I call them 'province resources', for want of anything better) can be edited seperately for things like mercenary magnetism, faith propagation, even income and troop upgrades such as morale, weapons and armour. And there's no reason you couldn't attach offices to these buildings either, so it could be an indestructible way to hand out scrolls to selected factions only...

    Really, there is so much you can do with this. Admittedly, if you have a campaign map with a lot of provinces you can't make a province resource for every single one of them, but you know that 50 of them can get some very special treatment!

    One last note: when adding them to the build_prod file, put them at the bottom, so the 'invisible' building in the review panel is always at the end and doesn't leave a gap between other buildings.

    Stazi, you're a genius for finding this - many digital beers to you
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    Default Re: Middle-Earth campaign map?

    Im glad you noticed this Mac .... & moreso that you can implement it into the Ancient scenarios
    I hope both stazi & Ceg , eventually implement it also
    cheers guys

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    Default Re: Middle-Earth campaign map?

    Hey guys! I hope you're doing well Stazi. I wonder if this mod is still being developed. I'm willing to help if needed.

    P.S I found the metw files on the metw main thread. You just have to look hard.
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    Default Re: Middle-Earth campaign map?

    Stazi, do you by chance have a Beleriand campaign map?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stazi View Post
    Before the start of the campaign each province gets the unique and indestructible landmark building (multiple copies of "forest clearing" from VI). I've discovered that a building to be indestructible only need to use "forest clearing.bif" as its icon file name (3rd column in BUILD_PROD file). So, all landmarks share the same icon and description but Info Pic can be different. If you nullify the description's text and imprint the whole description directly on the info pic you can have unlimited number of different indestructible buildings. To know what is the role of anyone of these buildings, you only need to right click on it. So, you can make trade route buildings dependent on these landmarks and choose which province belongs to the route.

    I think it's really useful idea because you can add whole variety of buildings' traits (faith propagation, happiness bonus/penalty, mercenary magnetism, etc.) and they will work as the province's parameters.This even solve the problem of units valour bonus which stops the AI from further developing the province when the unit's requirements are met. It works even better cause the possible range of the bonus is 0-9 now. And every province with its own picture and description is really nice feature, isn't it?

    ooops. That's why I'm always begging for comments. Thank you very much! I was so focused on implementation of this feature that I forgot about this "little" side effect. It makes this method useless for land trade routes but I think It still makes sense for rivers.

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