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Thread: MultiPlayer Overview

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    Default MultiPlayer Overview

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    Default Re: MultiPlayer Overview

    The MP campaign map is a throwback to the old STW campaign map. Nice!
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    Looks promising, will be interested to see what the demo gives us
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    It would appear that 6 straight years of mpers nagging were not wasted :)

    Looks promising indeed, particularly unit recognisability from a zoomed out perspective seems much better than recent games to me - although of course none can tell if the game is balanced from previews.

    However, judging from the options and the preview itself it appears that thought and effort has been put in from an mp perspective.

    In any case, if they don't get this one right with same (or almost same) rosters, less units and all 3 TW gameplay components (melee, missiles, cav) that the TW engine/format works best at on the battlefield, they'll never do :)
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    Default Re: MultiPlayer Overview

    Well we shall see what we shall see.


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