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Thread: Best way to meet new people while studying abroad?

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    Default Best way to meet new people while studying abroad?

    Hello from Vladimir, Russia! I'm currently studying abroad, and I only have a short time here, so I want to make the most of it. I'm very interested in meeting Russians, both for the company and the chance to improve my Russian. What would be the best way to go about this? I've met several already from functions designed for this purpose, but I want to meet them elsewhere too!

    We all get assigned personal tutors, and I got this really cute girl named Svetlana. We immediately hit it off, so I asked her out, only to find out she has a boyfriend of six months. Though she gave me the "I'd totally date you if I wasn't taken" (Woo.... I guess, didn't really make me feel better at all). I resolved to not let this bother me, though. Well, yesterday, I was at a cafe pretending to do some homework, but mostly looking at Calvin and Hobbes' comic strips on the computer (love that little guy). Anyway, one of the cafe workers was really attractive, and I wanted to approach her, but didn't know how I should "open". She was hanging out by the coffee, so I went over to the counter, was looking at the menus, and turned around to ask her what was the best thing to order, when suddenly the manager started talking to her, and then she went into the back. Opportunity missed, shit. Well, a little later, she came out and was walking by with some towels. I thought "It's now or never" and asked her for some advice. I told her I was from America, and that I came to Russia to meet Russians, and that I would very much like to make Russian friends in order to improve my Russian. I then asked her if she'd like to get acquainted, but she just replied "No, I have a kid, sorry". I didn't understand her at first, I thought she was saying I should start with meeting Russian children, so I asked her to repeat what she said, and she said "I have a family, with children, so no." Then I was just like "Ohhhhh, understood. Ok, nevermind." Haha, she just walked away shaking her head.

    I wasn't really that disappointed, I just wanted to try out that line to see if it would work. And I didn't really get rejected, you know, because she's married with a family and all. Haha, should I continue to try this out, or is there a better opener I should use? I figured it was as best a combo of not-too-creepy/straight to the point as you're going to get. What do you think?

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    Default Re: Best way to meet new people while studying abroad?

    Opportunity missed, shit. Well, a little later,
    I thought we were not allowed to say that. Nevermind

    well you know what mom said to not speak with strangers #kid

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    Default Re: Best way to meet new people while studying abroad?

    she lied. XD

    no seriously, go to a bar or a club. ive been to russia only once but i found most russians pretty friendly (some of them obviously dangerous racist drunk vodkaheads, but thats just like 1 in a 50000 and they usually come in groups XD.)

    best way tho is to make friends with a guy who will then introduce you to the russian ladies. always need a wing man, preferably one that speaks the language.

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    Default Re: Best way to meet new people while studying abroad?

    You know what this thread needs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sooh View Post
    I wonder if I can make Csargo cry harder by doing everyone but his ISO.

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    Default Re: Best way to meet new people while studying abroad?

    Keep it going man!


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