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Thread: Released Mods for the demo.

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    Default Released Mods for the demo.

    Here will be listed the already released mods for the Total War: Shogun 2 demo. If i have missed something, please post in the thread so i can add any new mods to the first post.

    FreePlay Campaign by Mitch

    FreePlay Campaign

    Basicaly does what it says on the tin.

    Gives you access to everything that its physicaly possible to give you access to.

    Such as:
    • Most importantly, you get the ability to do whatever you want, go wherever you want, no time constraints.
    • The whole tech tree. Well both of them.
    • All of the buildings. (Including the buildings for the small outlying towns)
    • All of the units buildable in the demo.
    Buildings will still need the correct tech to build, as will units require the correct building and tech. You have a steady income too.

    IF ANYTHING MAKES THE GAME CRASH - That is 99% probably because I'v made whatever it is you did before you crashed available, and its not in the demo. Just remember what it was and don't do it next time.


    You have access to all the diplomacy and stuff on the menu bar too (all the tabs).

    I'd suggest you just give it a go, will be easier for both of us! lol

    The normal version is: "FreePlayCampaign".

    And I have also included: ""FreePlayCampaignCheating", you start with an awsome army and 500,000 gold.


    Place ONE of the .packs in your data folder, whichever you fancy, and away you go.

    If you find some bugs, like an inaccesible area, let me know. Ill try to fix them asap!
    Oh and the battles are still autoresolve, thats unchangable.

    I'v only tested it for a few turns, so Idk what lies in wait for you beyond there.





    - / [MOD] Unit Size v0.1 by Bastienleboss

    How to install : just put the file in the data of shogun.

    Next version v0.2 :

    - Unit size x2 in tutorial's battles.
    - Unit size x1.5 in Sekigara and in tutorial's battles.

    LGI Modified Battles

    My goal is to change all battles from the demo.
    Author : [LGI]Mirabeau,ColonelMirabeau

    If you want to use or post this mod thank to mention my names.

    If you have problems or suggestions tell me.

    - steam :
    - forum LGI :

    Installation :
    Simply put the ".pack" file
    in folder called "data" of Shogun 2 demo

    Modification of Sekigahara v 0.1 :

    Units replacement for the player :

    - 1 Ninja Koshi
    - 2 Samurais naginata
    - 1 samurai no-dashi
    - 1 Bow hero
    - 1 Matchlock Monk
    - 1 Matchlock Samurair
    - 1 Yari cavalry

    Add for Tokugawa :

    - 1 european canon

    download Sekigahara version 0.1 :

    Incoming features:

    - more balances troops
    - New units for enemy clans
    - New units for the Shimazu clan

    - Modified Awa siege

    Basic Blood mod for y'all by ┤The Hedge Knight

    Just made this, im afraid it ranged weapons only though due to the lack of a trigger. Posting it for two reasons. A: its fun. B: to prove mods are possible to some extent...

    Installation: Just extract the rar to data (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\total war shogun 2 demo\data).


    Enjoy it. Im know better is possible but dont have time right now (gotta play the demo rather than just mod it XD).

    Total War - Shogun 2 Demo -Battle Mod- [V0.2 released, enhanced battle of Awa] by S-te-Fan

    Hello folks from all ye places

    I've created this tiny mod. It enables you to play the battle which occurs when you besiege the settlement of Awa in the campaign tutorial (The castle siege in the dark).

    What to do? Just place the battle_3.pack in your Shogun 2 "Data" map. Boot the game and go to the historical battle menu. Then chose the battle you can play natively (Sekigahara) and there your battle starts.





    In this version you have the abilty to deploy your units before combat. Also, I've replaced the european cannons with a catapult, for some more fun :P.

    100% Unscripted Battle by Mitch

    Ok guys. Time for you to test the AI.[/SIZE] (Even if that AI is demo AI)

    - The battle is a 100% unscripted battle.

    - You can also deploy your units as you see fit.

    CA have said there isn't the full AI in the demo.

    I belive there is the Battle AI within the demo.
    All of the tables needed for the AI to exist are there within the data.pack.
    It's unfathomable to think that any of the remaining neccesary stuff like code in the .exe would not be included in the very thing that is meant to be convincing people to buy your product.
    An AI is a complete structure, if you will; a whole entity that works with everything you create of it, you can't just not include parts of it you'd have to go to big lengths to do that, and more to the point, in something trying to convince people to buy the game, why would you not include the best AI you have to sell your game even more?
    Best foot forwards and all that.

    Its completely illogical at best.

    'The Hedge Knight has editted for me a largely flat open map editted from the Historical Battle map.
    With a custom made fair/equal battle and all the scripts removed, we should see what the AI is capable of, even if it's not capable of its full potential in the demo and I turn out to be a complete nutjob.
    Though that battle will come a bit later. The scripting is more complex there.

    So please, try out the mod below, and report back your findings on the AI.

    Remember! I have zero clue if the AI will even react. You should probably expect them to stay in their castle until you arrive at their doors, so don't discount them right away.


    Place file in your data folder.
    Start game.
    Select the historical battle.
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    Default Re: Released Mods for the demo.

    100% non scripted battle now also available thanks to Mitch over at TWC.
    Ja Mata Tosainu Sama.


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